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Ask Our Dermatologist
V Line Products

Q : At what age are V Line products recommended for use ?
A : V Line products are best for those aged 18 and above with normal-combination skin type.

Q : Are V Line products series safe for Asian skin ?
A : All BSKIN products, including all V Line products are specially formulated for Asian skin. Manufactured in South Korea, all BSKIN product ingredients are natural and safe. They will not cause allergies, irritation or flaking even for those with sensitive skin. Of course, you should ensure you select BSKIN products best suited for your skin type.

Q : How long will it take before I see results from using V Line products ?
A : Depending on your skin type, results may vary. However, as soon as you start using V Line products, you should start noticing a difference. Your skin will feel softer and smoother. After four to eight weeks of regular use, you will experience visibly lifted, more elastic skin and a reduction in fine lines. For best results, use all five V Line products as part of your comprehensive daily skin regimen.

Q : Are V Line products safe for use on sensitive skin or skin experiencing redness ?
A : V Line products are safe for use on sensitive skin and skin experiencing redness. However, if you are currently using any dermatologist-prescribed products we would recommend that you allow your skin to rest for a week before starting to use V1 Soft Bead Cleanser and V3 Intense PAF Concentrate. Generally, dermatologist-prescribed products tend to thin your skin and increase skin sensitivity. Thus, it’s best that you only use V1 Soft Bead Cleanser and V3 Intense PAF Concentrate once your sensitive skin returns to normal.
Also, you might wish to wait 24 hours before using V3 Intense PAF Concentrate if you have just undergone aesthetic treatments like microdermabrasion or laser, as your skin might be extra sensitive.

Q : Can I use makeup directly after applying V Line products ?
A : Absolutely. V Line products have no adverse reactions with any kind of makeup.

Q : Can I combine V Line products with products from other brands ?
A : As a start, we would not recommend mixing V Line products, especially V3 Intense PAF Concentrate, with other skincare products. If you would still like to continue using your existing skincare products from other brands, we recommend that you apply only V3 Intense PAF Concentrate for the first 3 days and monitor results before re-introducing the rest of your regular skincare products.

Q : Is it safe to apply V Line products on skin with pimples caused by menstruation ?
A : Yes you may. Regular use of V Line products will reduce the severity of monthly breakouts caused by menstruation. V Line products will also effectively shrink pimples and even out blotchy skin.

W Line Products

Q : Are the whitening ingredients in the W Line products safe ?
A : Yes they are. All W Line products use completely natural, clinically-tested ingredients. They are therefore safe even for those with sensitive skin. They will also not cause any side effects such as redness, irritation or allergies even after prolonged use. In contrast, many skin whitening products in the market contain a dangerous cocktail of compounds like mercury, steroids, hydroquinone, and tretinoin. These bleaching ingredients give you immediate whitening results. However, the long term use of products containing these ingredients can lead to lethal health concerns likes irreversible pigmentation, skin cancer, liver damage, mercury poisoning and others.

Q : What specific skin types can the W Line products be used on ?
A : W Line products are gentle and are suitable for all skin types. However, they are most effective for those with dry and normal-combination skin types.

Q : How do W Line products effectively whiten skin ?
A : W Line products whiten skin in two ways :

  • All-natural anti-oxidant ingredients help to protect skin from external stresses such as pollutants, free radicals and harmful chemicals that darken skin.
  • Lightening agents inhibit melanin production to fight the formation of age spots, pregnancy spots, freckles and general skin pigmentation.

Q : How long will it take before I see results from using W Line products ?
A : Immediately upon use, you should notice more supple, hydrated skin. After between six to eight weeks of regular use and depending on the amount of sun exposure, you will observe brighter, more dewy skin. W Line products should continue to be used consistently to maintain these results.

Q : Can W Line products be used together with other skin lightening products ?
A : It is not recommended that W Line products be used with other lightening products. Some lightening products are very caustic, and adverse reactions may occur. W Line products are, however, compatible with BSKIN products from other lines (e.g. V Line, M Line, ELVi, etc); and products from corresponding steps can be interchangeable across lines. For best results, you should use all five W Line products in the correct order as these have been designed to work synergistically to brighten skin.

M Line Product

Q : Are M Line products only suitable for men ?
A : M Line products are designed to control oil production and reduce pore size. Hence, they are suitable for both men and women with oily skin. In fact, M2 Sebum Control Gel is hugely popular with ladies who use it as a makeup primer to smoothen and mattify their skin throughout the day.

Q : Can women with oily skin and black/white heads use M Line products?
A : Yes they can. M Line products help to control oily skin which is a key cause of black/white heads.

Q : What causes oily skin and black/white heads ?
A : Hormones, genetics and an unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, poor diet, etc) are possible causes of increase oily skin. Excess oil on the skin and a build-up of dead skin cells tend to clog pores, which in turn leads to black/white heads.

Q : Is it safe to use M Line products ?
A : Yes! All M Line products contain natural ingredients and have been clinically and dermatologically-tested to ensure that they are safe, even for those with sensitive, allergy-prone skin.

Q : Is it okay to use M1 Energizing Carbon Wash more than twice a day?
A : We would not recommend it as washing your face too often may do more harm than good. You should always use all BSKIN products as recommended. Too much washing strips your skin of sebum (natural oils) and leads to dehydrated skin. In response, the sebaceous glands in your skin overproduce sebum to compensate, leading to oily, acne prone skin.

Q : How long will it take for my black/white heads to clear after I start using M Line products regularly ?
A : Results may vary depending on the severity of your black/white heads, but with regular use, excess oil will be controlled. The appearance of black/white heads will be reduced and after regular, consistent use, they will be completely eliminated.

Q : Can I use my regular makeup products with M Line products ?
A : Like all other BSKIN products, M Line can safely be used together with any makeup products.

Q : Can M Line products be used on acne-prone skin ?
A : Yes. Although M Line products are not specifically designed for to target acne, they control excessive oil production and can help to prevent the development of pimples.

Q : Can Matte Black shrink large pores ?
A : Matte Black works to control excess oil production and reduce the appearance of white/black heads and cleaning out the pores while helping the skin to regenerate new skin cells to replace dead ones, making the skin surface smoother and pores visibly smaller.